Consistent, Year-Round
High-Quality Supply

With Troutlodge, you can easily and confidently plan your egg purchases to meet your production demands. With eggs available every week of the year and our ability to accommodate orders of any size, Troutlodge is able to partner with our customers to help them maximize their production output. You can rely on Troutlodge to supply you with eggs when you need them and in the quantities you need.

Our experience in shipping eggs across the globe to countries near and far helps ensure that your eggs will arrive on time and in perfect condition. All eggs are carefully packaged into an insulated box specially designed for the transport of eyed salmonid eggs. In addition, every batch of eggs is hand-picked to maximize the quality of every shipment, meaning you will get more fish for every egg you order. Troutlodge is known for the quality of its products on arrival and for the superior hatch-out rates you will experience with every order.

Contact us today and let us help you plan an order program best tailored to meet the needs of your operations.


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