Eyed Eggs

Troutlodge is the world's leading supplier of eyed salmonid eggs. Troutlodge offers eggs of Rainbow trout, Kamloops Rainbow trout, Silver Steelhead, Coho salmon, and Arctic Charr. Troutlodge specializes in the production of all-female and triploid (sterile) eggs. Please explore the links below to learn more about The Troutlodge Advantage, our products, and the benefits of all-female and triploid eggs.

A beautiful Kamloops Rainbow trout swims against the current.

Rainbow trout eggs

Rainbow trout eggs form the core of what we do. With eggs available every week of the year, we ship nearly 400 million eyed Rainbow trout eggs each year, including eggs from our specialty Kamloops and Silver steelhead strains...


The head of a maturing Coho salmon at Target Marine facilities.

Coho salmon eggs

Troutlodge is proud to offer all-female Coho salmon eggs as the exclusive sales agent for Target Marine Hatcheries of Canada.  These eggs, available December - April, offer tremendous benefits to freshwater and saltwater growers around the world through superior growth and the added value of all-female eggs. 


A close-up look at eyed eggs ready for transport to farms around the world.

All-Female Eggs

All-female eggs are the preferred product on the market today. Realizing customer demands, Troutlodge offers all-female eggs as our standard product. Check out the many benefits of all-female eggs.


Newly prepared triploid eggs are removed from the pressure vessel used to induce triploidy.

Triploid Eggs

Triploid eggs, also known as sterile or 3N eggs, offer a number of benefits to farmers looking to grow fish beyond the age of maturation, those looking to grow "trophy-size" fish for stocking programs, or those who are concerned with preventing reproduction in released fish.


Hatchery Manager Tom Elliott carefully packages eggs for transport to customers around the world.

Shipping & Logistics

Troutlodge has a dedicated Logistics Team that coordinates the documentation and shipping arrangements for all orders. Eggs are shipped via air freight on reliable, efficient, and cost-effective routes...


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